Double danger: All of us try constantly to improve our skills in the combat sports. Persistent, intelligently directed training will eventually create results and you will develop some weapons that will earn the respect of your training partners and opponents. However, if you want to further your success – ALWAYS LOOK TO DEVELOP WEAPONS THAT WORK AS COMPLIMENTARY PAIRS. The fundamental feature of real combat is RESISTANCE from your opponent as you fight for advantage and victory. It is critical that you have at least one strong complimentary pair of attacks so that as one attack runs into resistance it opens the door for the second attack. The way in which pairs of attacks can compliment each other is varied. Sometimes they compliment each other in terms of DIRECTION (forward and backwards or left/right for example). Sometimes they do it from one side of opponent’s body to another, or from lower body to upper body, so that as an opponent defends one he offers the other. One of the strongest complimentary pairs of attacks among my was the jab/ pairing of Georges St-Pierre. He would use his jab to harass, frustrate, hurt and move opponents. If they did not fight back against it he would easily win the round, so opponents HAD to fire back in order not to behind on the scoreboard. The jab is a long range weapon, so that meant opponents typically had to CLOSE to fire back. However, their attempt to step forward and fire back put them in danger of the second complimentary weapon – the double leg takedown – a weapon that he had developed to an extraordinary degree. Mr St-Pierre also had well developed guard passing and ground striking skills that made time on the floor very hazardous for opponents. So they would have to struggle back up to their feet where the same cycle could be repeated until victory was attained. FINDING AND DEVELOPING A POWERFUL COMPLIMENTARY PAIR OF ATTACKS IS A BIG PART OF YOUR DEVELOPMENT IN THE SPORT. Only when your attacks come in complimentary pairs that take advantage of defensive reactions will you be able to through the strong resistance you will encounter as you rise in level.