Creating good habits: is designed to INSTILL GOOD/SOUND HABITS IN ATHLETES THAT BECOME SO INGRAINED IN THEIR THOUGHTS AND THAT THEY WILL MANIFEST THEMSELVES EVEN UNDER THE GREATEST PRESSURE. The path to building those habits is DAILY DRILLING. Drills are often rushed through, ignored, performed half heartedly or otherwise downplayed by students. Let me tell you this – WHEN YOU ARE TRUELY UNDER PRESSURE IN WORLD COMPETITION, YOU ARE EXHAUSTED, OUT OF IDEAS, CAN’T HEAR YOUR COACH ABOVE THE CROWD, YOUR OWN MIND SUGGESTING WAYS OUT TO QUIT WITH DIGNITY – THE ONLY FRIEND YOU WILL HAVE ON YOUR SIDE IS THE UNBREAKABLE HABITS BUILT OVER COUNTLESS HOURS OF TO ACT CORRECTLY AND IN WAYS THAT TAKE YOU BACK TO THE PATH OF VICTORY. Don’t devalue them. Here, Nicky Ryan and Nick Ronan on their daily drills at Musclepharm HQ in LA in for competition that saw both win in fine style by submission.