forms of grappling aggression: There are two primary forms of aggression/attack in grappling – SUBMISSION and POSITION. Interestingly, THE THREAT OF EACH IS MAXIMIZED ONLY WHEN YOU THREATEN BOTH EQUALLY. The squad is primarily known for our heavy emphasis on submission attacks, but we never overlook the need for constant and strong attacks at the same time; FOR ONLY WHEN THERE IS A DUAL THREAT TO PROVOKE STRONG DEFENSIVE REACTIONS WILL THE FOR SUBMISSIONS ARISE. Conversely, ONLY WHEN THERE IS A DANGER OF SUBMISSIONS WILL IT BE EASIER TO WORK YOUR WAY TO BETTER POSITIONS. This constant interplay between position and submission AT ALL TIMES, rather than only attacks first, and then submission attacks, is a distinctive feature of our game. Most people use the position/submission duality as a position first, then submission). We like to do this also, but often use it as a DILEMMA (threaten both at all times to make each easier to attain). Here, Garry Tonon applies strong to open up a submission on the legs that would take him to in this match.