I am very happy to say that next Monday (15th January) I shall join Joe Rogan on his weekly discussing jiu jitsu and the along with other topics. Mr Rogan is a great student of the and very adept at 10th Planet jiu jitsu as well as more conventional styles of jiu jitsu. He is a great voice for the sport who has done a tremendous job of trying to educate MMA viewers of the subtleties of all forms of jiu jitsu and grappling (not just 10th Planet, as some claim) in UFC competition. Once I was at a dinner and was asked who I believed was the most influential person in jiu jitsu. I surprised everyone by answering that it was probably Joe Rogan. My reasoning was that he talks to a larger audience than anyone and does so with a that has probably brought more to the sport than any athlete. It will be a pleasure to talk with him and about the game.