Ryan brothers getting recognition: This weekend the Flograppling awards for 2017 were announced. standouts, Gordon and Nicky Ryan were rewarded for an outstanding year. Nicky Ryan won juvenile grappler of the year after double bronze at USA ADCC senior trials and going on to be the youngest entrant in the history of ADCC championships at just sixteen years of age. Big brother Gordon Ryan won the award for best submission of the year with his superlative guillotine variation upon the great Keenan Cornelius to win ADCC gold as part of the biggest medal haul in a debut performance in the history of the event. We are all so proud of these two brothers and deeply impressed by the dedication and hard they put in to get these awards. Interestingly, RGA had two nominations for juvenile of the year. Fellow sixteen year phenom, Rayron Gracie was also nominated. My sensei, Renzo Gracie, and I are very happy indeed to the future of the academy so strongly represented by these two outstanding youngsters.