Doing time: Whenever you of a new enterprise there is a period where you have to start off at the and “take your lumps.” A well run and progressive training program can shorten this time, but can never eliminate it. It is up to the athlete to through it as long as necessary until his or her stint is over. I see this all the time, even in grappling. We all want new skills, but they don’t come overnight. There has to be several attributes in the athlete if he or she is to get through the frustration of the learning process. First, patience, Second, resilience and third, faith. to let time it’s magic, resilience to take the knocks and go the distance required, and faith that a program will create in time the changes needed to take you to your goals. All of us have to do our time. Not just at white belt, but every time we incorporate new techniques and into our game. That ability to endure these times is the key to progress. Here, does his time just a couple of months into MMA training with the formidable Jake Shields. Photo @supersaiyanmagicalgirl