The four mechanical pillars upon which my approach to jiu jitsu is Based: A huge part of my approach to jiu jitsu is based around what I believe are the four most important mechanical underpinnings of the sport. These are:

1 – The principle of LEVER AND
2 – The principle of the WEDGE (inclined plane)
3 – The principle of DIRECTIONALITY OF FORCE
4 – The principle of KUZUSHI (off balancing) Through the lens of these four mechanical principles I see most of the sport of jiu jitsu.

Everything I teach, every question I ask, and every answer I offer, will make reference to at least one of these principles. Lever and are widely talked about. They are force multipliers that can make the weakest man strong. Wedges are used to immobilize and inhibit or direct movement (among other things) – think of a humble little door stop that can any door open even in a hurricane. With regards your own force, a fundamental measure of its and effect will be the degree to which you apply the force in the appropriate direction. So often we apply large amounts of force in the wrong directions, when a much smaller force in the right direction would have garnered much better results. Kuzushi (off balancing) refers to our capacity to move an objects center of gravity beyond its of support and destabilize it to create openings for attack. Kano wisely saw the value of this in positions. One of my biggest is to extend its use into bottom ground grappling where it can play a tremendous role in advancing our bottom game. I teach jiu jitsu as a primarily mechanical enterprise, backed up by biomechanical and tactical elements. In the future I will talk more about these critical notions. Show me any move in the sport and I will show you how at least three of these four concepts are involved in its operation. Once you learn to observe the sport through these concepts you will see a very different sport indeed. Three of these four mechanical underpinnings have been widely discussed for generations – but the principle of the has never been emphasized in jiu jitsu. One of my primary as a teacher is to change this.