How would you do if you had to fight yourself? This is always an interesting hypothetical question – in the case of Georges St-Pierre and Jake Shields it is actually a practical question! I have never seen two athletes so closely matched in skill level, tactics, etc in ground grappling. When they spar each other the only difference I is their appearance and accent – other than that – identical! It’s great to see Mr St-Pierre back in the gym despite his battle with ulcerative colitis. He has had to make considerable changes in his diet to lessen symptoms and still has to avoid certain modes of training, but his looked great as he battled the squad and former rival and now good friend and grappling doppelgänger Jake Shields . It impresses me so much to see two great athletes who have a legacy so that they could easily training altogether and live comfortably as legends, come into the gym everyday and battle the youngsters – giving all of them hell on the mats – an then laugh together after giving each other hell with identical games!