The return of the Wolverine: The next EBI event in California will feature the return to top level competition of Eddie Cummings – two EBI champion at featherweight. Mr Cummings is of my most brilliant and innovative students. He has been working hard the past one and half years developing his own emerging brand of with his partner Ottavia Bourdian/Busia. Next weekend you will get a chance to see that hard work in on stage at of the most high profile submissions tournaments – EBI – the tournament format that really gave birth to the squad and helped establish them as a force. Watching Mr Cummings today he looked as sharp as a knife – look for some new and exciting elements to his growing game! Of all my students, Mr Cummings always had the game that most closely resembles my own – a game based upon grip and kuzushi (off balancing) from position and then feeding into attacks in combination starting at the legs and then following wherever the goes – that always makes it a special pleasure for me to watch. Can’t wait to see the Wolverine tear it up again in the format that I believe best suits his style in a weight division that he is made for! Keep your eyes on this @ebiofficial one! Feb 17 in LA at @musclepharm MusclepharmHQ. Once Mr Cummings gets to grips, the action comes on fast!