Double Trouble: One of the founding principles of my leg lock system is that of double trouble. This is the idea that for any given leg lock attack, the overwhelming majority of my opponent’s defensive reaction will come from the OTHER leg. Knowing this, If I can constrain the other leg, MOST OF HIS DEFENSE WILL BE SHUT DOWN FROM THE AND I CAN DOUBLE THE AMOUNT OF TROUBLE HE FACES IN ATTEMPTS AT ESCAPE. The clearest demonstrations of this principle in operation come from cross situations, where the second leg can be bound up to totally an opponent’s defensive options and create a quasi pin that rivals even the best conventional pins for control over movement. When my students began using this approach, observers were amazed to see them totally controlling even very talented opponents for long periods of before finishing. Note that is a principle – NOT A MOVE – thus it can be applied in many situations and in many different ways. Making it a core element of your leg will greatly increase your control over struggling opponents and make for more high percentage finishes. Here, completely ties up the great Shinya Aoki, widely regarded as a master of leg himself, in a way that completely negated his ability to defend himself and enabled Mr Tonon to win via heel hook variation soon afterward.