Last moments before the action starts: Usually the for a bout is fairly extensive. The vast majority of the that will determine the outcome has been done already. There is however, the day itself. By far the most important element on that last day is the athletes warm up routine. This is the final for the match itself. After the warm up there is only those last moments of walk out to the and the tense moments as the athletes are being introduced to the audience. In These last moments it is critical that the themes and messages to the athlete be very simple – focus on the main themes you will be important for the bout. Essentially they are short and simple reminders of what you have worked in training for the bout. Keep the athlete in motion, physical motion helps relieve the natural tightness and anxiety that occurs in those moments. Everyone has their own preference on how to act and feel in these moments. Some like the tension and go with serious approach. Others like a more laid back, “just another day in the office” mentality When Garry Tonon went out to take on Ralek Gracie, someone in the audience yelled out in a stentorian voice, “LEG DON’T WORK!!” Mr Tonon quipped, “someone’s about to be disappointed.” We all got a smile in before the action And of course, another smile when he won by leg lock! So in those moments of tension, focus on the simple themes and ideas that you believe will be important to win, keep your body moving fluidly for tension relief and let your own personality determine your pre-contest demeanor. Once the action starts – you will feel right at home!