Spreading a message: I always try to convey our approach to the sport out to the jiu jitsu world in the hope that some people might find it interesting or helpful. The vast majority of the in getting people interested in our methods has been done by my students, whose outstanding achievements in competition have made many people take notice of our approach. Wherever I can I try to help out through or speaking. A small milestone was reached recently when the Joe Rogan podcast went one million views on YouTube – Mr Rogan generously have great exposure to some of the core of our way of thinking about the game and experimental/Socratic method of and that we employ to instill it in the athletes. Thank you all so much for your interest and to all those who helped us get the message out @joerogan @ebiofficial @eddiebravo10p @polaris_professional @flograppling @adccsubmission @ufcfightpass @ufc @globalgrapplingleague @f2wpro Without you all we would just be some weirdos playing twinkle toe footsies in my sensei’s basement! Thank you all and thank you to all my cherished students who gave so much and did so well.