Here is Mr Stuart Cooper’s on the squad. Thank you so much Mr Cooper for making the time and effort to create such a well produced video illustrating some of our core concepts to our audience. Thank you also to my amazingly passionate and hard working students, especially the pioneers, Eddie Cummings, Garry Tonon and Gordon Ryan. All of you gave an incredible voice to my ideas that I could never have done alone. Thank you all for your efforts – it has been my privilege to be a small part of that. Thank you also to my everyday students – far too many to mention – who provide the testing grounds, the passionate atmosphere and toughness that produced so many champions. Thank you to my dear sensei, Renzo Gracie, who gave me my in the sport and the best playground to grow I could hope for. Thank you also my dear readers on social media for showing interest in what we do and putting up with my rather clumsy expression of my ideas. I hope you enjoy Mr Coopers video. #Repost @stuartcooperfilms with @get_repost @danaherjohn talks about how he broke down the systems based approach to Jiujitsu and then took various niche areas of the game and created systems within systems. This approach saw his students winning matches against much more experienced opponents who had been training far longer.

Full video to watch on my YouTube stuartcooperfilms
Audio extracted from The Joe Rogan Experience MMA Show #11 with John Danaher
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