Getting ready: Garry Tonon is getting ready for his MMA debut at One FC Iron Will @onechampionship in Bangkok, Thailand on March 24 against his opponent, striking specialist Richard Corminal from the Philippines. Mr Tonon’s introduction to MMA training and techniques began just twelve weeks ago. He was fully committed to his grappling prior to that and the transition had to be made in very little time. As always he has applied himself with everything he has – but MMA is a deep ocean of moves, tactics and principles and there is still a long, long way to go. The fusion of his submission grappling background with MMA makes for fascinating training sessions and I believe it will be very interesting for spectators as well. Here he works with Welterweight great, Jake Shields on the very new world of standing striking. It is never easy for an athlete who knows what elite performance feels like in one sport, to take on another. They feel very acutely their beginner level mistakes in strong contrast to their usual smooth and efficient motion. Mr Tonon has however, taken on the with admirable enthusiasm, humor and diligence that to good progress over time.