There is no learning how to defend a given move until you learn the nuances of attacking with it: Every day I get people asking me how to defend leg locks. “I don’t want to DO leg locks – I just want to be able to DEFEND them.” This is simply setting yourself up for failure. With this approach, Not only will you be unable to a leg lock (or any other move you care to name), you will not be able to defend one either. ONLY BY GAINING UNDERSTANDING OF WHAT MAKES A MOVE WORK, WILL YOU BE ABLE TO PREVENT SOMEONE ELSE FROM MAKING IT WORK. You have to KNOW WHAT YOU ARE FIGHTING AGAINST if you are to have any hope of STOPPING a given move – and that means LEARNING THE POSITIVE APPLICATION OF THE MOVE FIRST, AND THE DEFENSE SECOND. You cannot learn jiu jitsu in fragments. The deeper your knowledge of a move, the easier will be the task of frustrating someone else attempting to apply it, FOR BY THE CONDITIONS NECESSARY FOR SUCCESS, YOU KNOW WHAT YOU NEED TO DO TO CREATE FAILURE IN AN OPPONENT. Here, uses his great and knowledge of ashi garami to calmly his way out of what could be a bad situation – minutes later he would go on to win with a strangle. That calm demeanor in defense comes from endless hours of learning to attack in the same position.