Another adventure begins: Killing time at JFK as we wait for the plane to Bangkok, for Garry Tonon’s debut next weekend in FC. I was actually early for a flight for the first time in my life due to the good influence of my students! will come to maintain his training for his upcoming match in Kasai Grappling on April 14. Here he is joined by his Dad. Mr Tonon had his last session today and is excited to start a completely new phase of his competition career. We are all sitting around telling horrible stories about each other. My favorite so far? time Ryan was weight cutting for a jiu jitsu tournament and Garry Tonon made him carry a box of freshly baked donuts and them for everyone else to eat while watched and salivated! #evilsensei #thecrueltutelageofgarrytonon. I though I was a heartless and cruel teacher until I heard that one! I have to catch up to that level! Twenty four hours from now we will be getting set up in Bangkok and getting ready for training. Wishing you all the best and thank you all for your loyal support.