First day in Bangkok: The squad went straight into action after marathon flight from the blue in NYC to Bangkok Thailand. We stopped by local MMA and jiu jitsu gym generously hosted by @morganbangkok At MMA@Fight Lab – its always a joy to go back to Asia – there is such a strong tradition of martial arts here, especially in Thailand, and the local scene reflects that. Nicky Ryan sparred with locals in for his upcoming with Geo Martinez and Garry Tonon went through his MMA drills in preparation for his debut this Saturday. It was good to feel the heat and humidity out here – I always prefer a hot training environment over a cold one. A good in Thailand is the best jet lag cure ever invented Now it’s time for dinner and rest -I am quite certain there will be some heavy sleeping tonight! Wishing you all the best from Thailand. What an honor to train in the homeland of the mighty Thai fighters who have provided so much inspiration and technical nuance to the modern game of MMA.