Globetrotting grappler: One of my favorite in professional grappling is Aussie superstar, Craig Jones. This remarkable young man travels the world for competition, seminars and training. He is a great example of the martial arts ideal of a killer on the mat, but an absolute gentleman off the mat. I had a great time teaching in Australia last time visiting family and had a great experience at Mr Jones’ gym, @absolutemmamelb in Melbourne, so whenever Mr Jones is in town I always like to return the favor. Today he had some great training sessions with young Nicky Ryan. Both are getting ready for the upcoming @kasaigrappling show in NYC in two weeks- prior to that Mr Jones will fly to Japan to compete and then to NYC! I don’t know anyone who travels so far so often as this man! Here, Messrs Jones and Ryan relax after working their half leg entries and sparring rounds.