Balance: One of the key attributes and skills you must develop as you train is a sense of balance. Your ability to transition smoothly from one move to another is vital to your ability to succeed, as no one move will enable you to defeat skilled opponents, rather, moves applied in smooth SEQUENCES will be the means to victory. YOUR ABILITY TO GO EFFICIENTLY FROM ONE MOVE TO ANOTHER IN STANDING AND TOP POSITION, IS ENTIRELY DEPENDENT UPON YOU BEING IN GOOD BALANCE. Any failure in your balance will require you to first correct your balance before you can move on to the technique. This will give your a stuttering and clumsy appearance and make it easy for an opponent to seize the initiative during those times when you are trying to recover balance. Developing the skill of KEEPING YOUR CENTER OF INSIDE YOUR BASE OF SUPPORT AT ALL TIMES is thus crucial to your development. Begin this development while drilling your top game. Pay particular attention to the position of your position and posture and that static balance is not the goal – rather, DYNAMIC BALANCE- the ability to hold balance throughout movement, is the skill you are developing. Here, Oliver Taza displays excellent balance whilst working inside an opponent’s guard – this will enable him to calmly identify his step in the midst of the action and go immediately to it without delay