The purpose of the instructional video: My intention in releasing an instructional video series is to:

1 – To provide a very comprehensive guide to the core insights and techniques that was shown to the squad and which they had so much with in competition. I believe teaching a wider audience can create beneficial change in the sport. The idea was to take someone who perhaps lacked access to instruction in leg locking and “start them on the right track” all the way from initiating contact with an opponent to getting a submission against strong resistance.

2 – To enable anyone who was already experienced in jiu jitsu to quickly add on from a niche area (leg locks for example) and add them easily to the they already have spent years practicing. I was very happy to have Bernardo Faria as part of the project because he already has a tremendous championship winning game – you will see how he can easily add on leg locking skills to an already well developed game.

3 – to change the of video instructionals. Usually an athlete some favorite moves and you try to learn the ones that suit you. My intention is to show a much more CONCEPTUAL approach whose aim is to make you understand the central of leg locking and a METHODOLOGY OF FINDING SOLUTIONS. The idea is to make you into an independent problem solver who can understand the problems and has a method to figure out solutions. I will show many of my solutions – but do so in a way that will hopefully allow you to gain the ability to figure out your own as well. I want to make students into PROBLEM SOLVERS rather than COPIERS. This does mean the series is much longer than most and requires more viewer patience/interaction. I wanted to teach at the same level of conceptual detail that I taught the squad – that requires more from the viewer but will allow those with the desire and patience to get to a MUCH higher level than merely copying some moves. For those of you who prefer a simpler, shorter and condensed summary of my leg locking game (and many do better with that kind of instruction) I would be happy to provide a condensed version in the future.