A word of thanks to show promotions: I think of all the jobs in grappling, the toughest and most difficult may be one that no one talks about – producing a big show. To put on a jiu jitsu event requires enormous amounts of planning, time and expense. There are so many things that can go unexpectedly wrong and good plans become a disaster. I see enough of the backstage drama and difficulties to be thankful that my coaching job is so simple in comparison! WITHOUT SHOW PROMOTERS ALL THE DREAMS AND GOALS OF THE ATHLETES AND THE OF THE SUPPORTING FANS WOULD BE IMPOSSIBLE. I always appreciate the efforts of the promoters – they give a stage upon which dreams can be built. I always laugh when I hear people talk about a squad rivalry with 10th Planet and Eddie Bravo. Nothing could be further from the truth. Without Eddie Bravo’s groundbreaking decision to take the risk of a high production show with large viewership and its own rule set, we would all still be a bunch of no name dorks squeezing each other’s legs in my sensei’s basement. I never forget that and am always grateful for his efforts. No promotion will ever be perfect or satisfy all the viewers tastes – that’s why it’s good to have choices. But all the shows, ADCC, EBI, IBJJF, ACB, Fight2Win, Polaris, Rizin, Global Grappling League, Sapeteiro and yes, even metamoris – did so much to boost the brands of the athletes and take the sport forward. I am so happy to see a new contender among the big shows, @kasaigrappling In only their second show they have greatly impressed me with their production value and athlete recruitment. Led by Rolles Gracie and Rich Byrne, one a former athlete himself, the other a formidable businessman and both deeply passionate about advancing the sport, they have created a level show in our hometown NYC that is letting both international and local athletes work towards their dreams. From the squad – thanks so much to all the promoters who gave our athletes a chance to show our approach to the game and create in jiu jitsu and congratulations to new kid on the block, Kasai Grappling for their outstanding work so far. Thank you all.