Getting ready for the big show: Gordon Ryan and the great Vinny Margalhaes square off at the official ceremony for tomorrow’s ACB event. It will feature a three round match (five minutes per round) scored along lines with heel hooks permitted and fitted into 10-9 scoring per round. Mr Magalhaes is a former champion and one of the most gifted heavyweights in the sport – this will be a tremendous challenge. The card is probably the best I ever saw – I have not seen this much ultra elite jiu jitsu talent in one room since the last ADCC. On this incredible card are jiu jitsu icons, Cyborg Abreau, Marcus Almeida, Leandro Lo, Gabriel Arges, Augusto Mendes, Keenan Cornelius, Yuri Simoes, Romulo Barra, Michael Langhi, Bruno Frazatto, Ari Farias, Edwin Najmi, Luis Panza, Erberth Santos- its like a team of jiu jitsu superheroes! Can’t to what this collection of talent can produce tomorrow!