Leg Lock Instructional Video – ON SALE NOW: Due to heavy demand BJJ Fanatics has decided to release my leg lock instructional series immediately (it was initially planned for tomorrow at 12pm) – it is fully as of now in both Digital and DVD formats. It will feature a very comprehensive ten hour viewing deep into the system taught along the same theoretical/conceptual/practical lines I use with my students- the dynamic problem/systematic solutions model – very different from standard instructional format. It is designed to give you a resource you can constantly refer to for years of and build an ability to ask questions, solve problems and become a creative problem solver, rather than simply copy some moves. (For those that prefer a shorter and simpler format, I can definitely do that in the future also) Hope you all enjoy it! I will post a link in my bio if you are interested in buying (please buy from link if possible). Thanks so much to all my teachers, mentors, students and followers who built this interest in new approaches to jiu jitsu! system series will be next!

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