Big news for my leg lock instructional video – PART 1: Last week my leg lock instructional video was released and within hours became the biggest seller in catalogue by a landslide. Unfortunately it has become apparent that certain aspects of the production quality – in particular the audio (but some other aspects too) were not up to acceptable standards. The general consensus is that the content is great but the sound production is at best adequate and at worst lame. While nothing is lost on the audio, it’s not fair to subject you all to my voice sounding like some leg locking mix of Darth Vader and Bane! It’s doubly unfortunate because the idea of the video was to be dialogue/concepts rather than just another video with a collection of moves. If a viewer were watching for extended periods of time, say on a plane or train or just at home, it could definitely be distracting or annoying. I want people to ENJOY watching the video and repeat view/review often – not ENDURE watching the video because they really want to know the moves! tried to get sound engineers to rectify the problem. The best they could do were slight improvements. I believe if there is a serious problem with something – attack the problem rather than put a band aid on it and pretend it’s not an issue. Accordingly I have decided to go up to on the train this weekend and reshoot the entire video from start to finish and have offer it free to all those of you who bought it (you will also be able to keep the original Bane voice version as well if you wish – Also anyone buying in the future will have access to both versions). In addition we will make some improvements based on my with the first shoot – cameras this time instead of one and less zooming from main camera. Whenever my students make mistakes in I always tell them to work hard to improve and rectify the error. In this case a mistake was made – whose fault it was is unimportant- the bottom line is that my name is on the product and therefore the right thing for me to do is work hard to fix it.

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