Experimenting: The single greatest means of creating innovation and positive in your game is a sense of experimentation. THE OVERWHELMING MAJORITY OF THE INNOVATIONS THAT I BOUGHT INTO THE GAME CAME FROM IMMERSING MYSELF IN A GIVEN POSITION/SCENARIO AND USING TRIAL AND ERROR TO FIGURE OUT OVER TIME ANSWERS TO THE VARIOUS I HAD IN THAT POSITION. All that is required is a partner, time and thinking. The part will come afterwards- when you test your findings in live sparring. If an innovation shows potential- it will be subjected to further experimentation and testing until it either passes and is accepted or fails and is discarded. Most people use only two modes of training – drilling and sparring. Add a third – experimental problem solving – a hands on approach to solving the myriad puzzles of the sport that will make you a much more involved student of the sport and convert you from a passive learner to an active learner.