Angle: The is set up to deal well with threats that are directly in front of it. It is very poorly adapted to deal with threats from it. Thus in all forms of combat there is a constant battle to get to an advantageous position behind an opponent. We can’t always get fully behind a good opponent – they will always resist our attempts by constantly squaring up to us. That fine – you don’t have to get all the way behind to gain advantage – usually even GAINING AN ANGLE on an opponent – a PARTIAL movement towards the back – is enough to secure sufficient advantage to score in some fashion. ANGLE IS ONE OF THE BEST AND MOST READILY AVAILABLE FORMS OF ADVANTAGE IN ALL COMBAT SPORTS – YOU MUST DILIGENTLY YOUR AND BODY TO SEEK IT AT EVERY OPPORTUNITY AND TO SCORE FROM IT. One of the more obvious examples of angle advantage in jiu jitsu is standing passes, where an initial angle makes completing the task of passing the opponent’s guard much easier. Here, Ryan does a fine job of getting a good angle to set up a guard pass that puts his rival, Geo Martinez under strong pressure.