Victory for the Bronx Bombers: Those of you who have been following me for a while will know that every Monday night I travel up to the Bronx to teach at the academy of one of my and best black belts, Doug Pelinkovic, who runs his own excellent academy @bxmartialarts Originally I started going there when Mr Pelinkovic was badly injured and saw the dedication of the and stayed on after! Now fully recovered, Mr Pelinkovic does a very fine job of his our approach to the game. This last Friday night his extremely talented student, Stanley Rosa @stanleyrosa put on a superb display of submission directed jiu jitsu. Mr Rosa has built a tremendous game in a shockingly short time that is testimony to his hard work and capacity; and the skill of Mr Pelinkovic. He has a distinctive style – like a leopard – that when combined with the mechanical tightness of our approach catches everyone’s eye. Enjoy this excellent display from over the weekend. Tonight I up to see the Bronx team and hear the full story.