Just got a sample clip of the new and improved LEG LOCKS: ENTER THE SYSTEM instructional video. This time they got it right with perfect sound quality and camera work and initial reviews have been significantly higher than any other in company history. In addition I added quite a lot of new material and presented at a faster to give the video a leaner and faster look with same overall length. Complete editing is estimated to be around two weeks. Anyone who bought will get it for free ( and keep access to the original Darth Vader/Bane voice version as well) and anyone buying or in the will also get both (though I suspect most will focus on the way more audio friendly second version ). I’m happy and proud to offer a video that has the best content matched with excellent production value – link to buy is in the bio of my instagram if you are interested. Now I will do the same with Back system (hopefully this weekend though I did have some relapse with my perennial body issues this week – hoping I’m good enough to go this weekend). Hope you all enjoy good sound quality and overall production/presentation improvements!

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