Coaching memories: Georges St-Pierre vs Josh Koscheck 2 – One good move begets another: A theme that I often push upon my students is that of DEVELOPING AT LEAST ONE STRONG MOVE THAT PEOPLE KNOW AND FEAR YOU FOR. In truth – IT DOES NOT EVEN MATTER IF YOU ACTUALLY SCORE WITH THAT PARTICULAR MOVE – YOUR OPPONENTS DEFENSIVE OVER REACTIONS TO THE MERE OF IT WILL OPEN MANY OTHER ATTACKING OPPORTUNITIES THAT YOU CAN EASILY EXPLOIT. A very fine example of This occurred when Georges St-Pierre took on the very tough wrestler Josh Kosheck for the second time. The first match was hard fought, but Mr St-Pierre dominated with his takedowns – shocking given that Mr Koscheck was a two time NCAA champion and three time finalist. When we did the Ultimate Fighter show, Mr Koscheck made it clear that he would not be taken down this next time. When the second time came, Mr St-Pierre took him down in the opening seconds with one of the fastest double leg entries I ever saw. Mr Koscheck did a good job of recovering up to his feet – but the damage was done – he had to focus all his defensive skills into stopping that dangerous double. Mr St-Pierre immediately took notice of this – and went to phase two. He was always a lead hand dominant striker – strong jab and left hook – much less so a rear hand striker, that was never his strength. He began to mirror his change to a fast and powerful rising jab to that of his double leg. From Mr Koscheck’s perspective it was nearly impossible to tell whether any given level change signaled either a double leg or a rising jab. Immediately the jab starting scoring. One was so powerful it broke Mr Koscheck’s orbital bone and caused a gruesome eye injury that essentially sealed the outcome in the first round. To his credit, Mr Koscheck showed the heart of a lion and stayed the course, getting up every time he was taken down, but the lesson is clear – THE OF ONE BIG WILL ALWAYS FACILITATE THE USE OF ANOTHER. Take this lesson from this great man and make it yours – PUT TIME AND ENERGY INTO DEVELOPING A POWERFUL ATTACK THAT INVOKES STRONG IN YOUR OPPONENTS AND BUILD AN ARSENAL AROUND IT