Frank Rosenthal wins Onnit Invitational in Texas: Outstanding junior, Frank Rosenthal won the prestigious Onnit Invitational grappling event last night – two matches by and one by strangle- to take gold and shekels in fine form. Mr Rosenthal has been on a leg locking of late, doing an incredible job of embodying the themes of my system to secure numerous impressive victories. The Onnit Invitational was always one of the big hurdles used by the squad to prepare developing athletes for big endeavors. It seems like yesterday that a young Gordon Ryan was preparing himself for this challenge – it’s great to Mr Rosenthal taking those same big steps on his journey towards his goals and dreams. This theme of planned development and progress is critical for all of you. Everything works better with a coherent and plan. Of course there will be impediments and derailments along the way, that’s to be expected; but adapt to each one and keep pressing forward and you shall get there with results like this.

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