of LEG LOCKS: ENTER THE SYSTEM: BJJ Fanatics puts out the new and greatly improved version of my instructional video showing the complete approach to leg locking as it was taught to my students and used so brilliantly for so long by all of them. The first edition had some problems with audio quality so I completely re shot them and added almost two hours of new bonus content along with faster delivery of information. My intention is to change the of video instruction in this ENTER THE SYSTEM series. Instead of showing a few random I want to put out longer videos that package a complete set of moves IMBEDDED IN A CONCEPTUAL AND TACTICAL FRAMEWORK THAT ALLOWS YOU TO ACTUALLY GET THEM WORKING IN LIVE SITUATIONS IN A SHORT TIME. Because the videos are longer they can can as a learning resource for years to come rather than be a “flavor of the month” superficial input. In addition you actually get FAR more minutes of instruction per dollar spent than a conventional video – twelve hours for two hundred dollars vs two hours for eighty dollars. The production quality is outstanding this time. It is for anyone who bought it already and anyone buying now will also get the original as well for free. Hope you all enjoy the new look video and I look to seeing the skill of leg locking massively increase around the world over the next few years!!! There is a link above in my instagram bio if it is something you are interested in.