The back – a mindset: Most of my coaching work is the development of physical skills. These will always form the backbone of any training program since without them, all the other aspects of the game – tactics, strategy, game plans etc etc cannot be enacted. Nonetheless, you must recognize this fundamental truth – EVERY DELIBERATE PHYSICAL MOVE ON THE MAT MUST BE PRECEDED BY THE MENTAL OF RECOGNIZING THE OPPORTUNITY TO EMPLOY THAT MOVE, WHETHER IT BE CONSCIOUS OR UNCONSCIOUS. If you never identify the opportunity, you will never attempt the move. It is crucial therefore, THAT YOU TRAIN YOURSELF TO SEE AND IDENTIFY OPPORTUNITY, for only then will the physical action follow. The more opportunities you see, the more that move will fire for you. SO JUST AS IMPORTANT AS THE VARIOUS TECHNIQUES FOR TAKING THE IS THE OF RECOGNIZING THE CONDITIONS THAT MAKE TAKING THE BACK A POSSIBILITY. An athlete who can see opportunities and who has the physical skill to make it happen is a dangerous indeed. Conversely, an athlete who has well developed physical but who is blind to opportunity to actually employ is harmless to his opponent. Since I favor the back above all positions, unsurprisingly I constantly emphasize to my students the need to see opportunities to get there so that they see opportunities where others don’t. This heightened state of awareness for the back is a big part of your success rate in actually getting there in a match