When Chuck Norris does leg locks he doesn’t bother with ashi garami – he just tells your leg to break itself…and it does…Great to see Georges St-Pierre meet the man who has done so much for the growth and popularity of martial arts around the world and who played a key role in the early development of BJJ in North America. He was a kind and gracious host to my dear sensei, Renzo Gracie along with many other members of Gracie and families when no one in the United States even knew what BJJ was. I remember him coming to do a with Mr Gracie in and being impressed by his quiet and thoughtful demeanor and his incredible work ethic in In continuing to learn new aspects of martial arts despite already being an established legend – an amazing example to us all. Though he is mostly remembered for his martial arts movies, he was a tournament champion in the early days the martial arts in the late sixties and early seventies and had the adaptability to stay at the forefront of martial arts development through the nineties and beyond. Great to see him meet the face of the modern multi-discipline approach to MMA.