What do you look for? Though i write in copious amounts about my work as a coach, The basis of any coaching program can be put in a single word – PROGRESSION. Everything I do is simply an attempt to take a group of from level to higher level, no matter how small that uplift may be be – every single day – and then let time work it’s magic as days become weeks and months and years. Those small daily progressions will make big changes. Just as seemingly small interest rates compounded can make you wealthy, so too, can daily changes where each new compounds with existing skills until you go from unknown amateur to someone whom will pay to watch. What is required more than anything is A CLEAR OF WHAT IS DEFICIENT OR PROBLEMATIC TODAY AND A CLEAR PLAN TO FIX THAT FOR TOMORROW. My job is to see where the problems are now and address them tomorrow and then check short term progress in those areas. All this is done on a daily basis – but this has to be reconciled with long term goals and a vision of what the athlete wishes to achieve in the long run. This daily log of problems and deficiencies is the basis of my observations. Then instruction and of potential solutions followed by more observations, this time looking for results compared with previous days. ABOVE ALL THERE MUST BE A OF CONTINUITY FROM SO THAT PROGRESS CAN BE MADE OVER TIME. If the observations of today are not linked to yesterday and tomorrow they are without value. Don’t observe for entertainment or excitement – observe for PROGRESS – only when observations are linked to past and future can you do this.

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