Here is a short clip from my upcoming video instructional ATTACKS: ENTER THE SYSTEM. As you know from the incredible work of my hard working students, I put a very heavy emphasis of back mastery in my training programs. In particular, my students have shown remarkable finishing prowess from the back. This is the result of a specialized system of subtle arm that make breakthroughs with the single most important submission hold in the sport – the rear naked strangle – much easier to achieve. So many students come to me expressing frustration with the common problem of being able to get to the quite readily, but then failing to finish successfully from there. I teach the complete system (I believe this is a nine hour video) on both a conceptual level (to give students a clear understanding of the WHY of their actions) and a technical level (to give students a clear understanding of the HOW of their actions). I actually had to film this video twice as the one had faulty audio, but now it has superb audio and much improved production It was fun going up to Boston to film with and his team at BJJ Fanatics. I hope you have as much fun watching as we had making it, and more importantly, the happiness of good results on the mat. As always, thanks so much to my sensei, Renzo Gracie and my students, who made the grappling world take notice of the system and whose innovative brilliance keeps it growing and improving, and to all of you, my students outside the basement for taking interest in our work. Video should be released early next week