The neck: An essential feature of jiu jitsu is the idea of CONCENTRATION OF FORCE UPON A VULNERABLE TARGET THAT, IF SUCCESSFULLY ATTACKED, WOULD END THE FIGHT. There is no part of the human body that is more vulnerable to the of than the NECK. The neck is relatively small in circumference- around fifteen to twenty inches for most male athletes – yet within it are packed together some of the most vital components of the hum body. The body does a good job of protecting key components like heart and lungs behind the bony rib cage. The crucial spinal cord is well protected by the spine. The brain by the thickness of the skull. The neck on the other hand, houses the critical carotid arteries, vertebral arteries, jugular veins, trachea and the spine itself, along with a host of other very important components- all packed in close to each other with NO PROTECTION and close to the surface. As such, the neck is the single best target for attack when grappling (when strikes are involved you can argue that the and other targets becomes more important). All jiu jitsu students must make a serious study of neck anatomy and the means of attacking the vulnerability of this greatest of all targets. In grappling, The human body is CONTROLLED at the head, but it is best FINISHED at the neck. NO OTHER PART OF THE BODY OFFERS SUCH A DENSELY PACKED MASS OF CRITICAL COMPONENTS HOUSED IN SUCH A SMALL AND SO UNPROTECTED BY ANY OTHER ELEMENTS OF OUR PHYSIOLOGY. I teach my students to fight like vampires – the neck is always the first target. Once opponents fear your neck attacks their defensive reactions will often make other favored targets such as legs, much easier to snatch.