Teaching time: What better way to cap off a wonderful weekend my student and teacher decisively win their respective MMA fights in the best tradition of jiu jitsu, than to partake in the pleasure of teaching local jiu jitsu our based approach to the sport. I was very impressed to see the high interest in our leg lock game and the enthusiasm and dedication of local students. It’s always a wonderful experience coming out to Asia and being in the home of the great martial arts traditions that gave so much to the West – it’s an honor to a little back. The has a unique distinguished history of martial arts development and the great show put on by @onechampionship gave local fighters and fans an opportunity to show that. Heading to the airport now for the long twenty five hour journey home. Tired but happy. Thank you to our Filipino hosts, thanks to all the local who came out in to learn our game and thank you to you my loyal readers for your interest and support for what we do. Best wishes from the and see you soon to my back in the basement in NYC