On the train coming back from Maryland to NYC after the big seminar – the juniors step up at @kasaigrappling 3 show! Well done to all of you! Nick Ronan won a well controlled decision, Frank Rosenthal lost a heartbreaker in golden score sudden death over time – but a great performance nonetheless, and won over Junny Ocasio, an extremely tough and talented competitor from NYC, showing his ever growing back system mastery with a beautifully performed sequence to the back with squad signature trap to tight strangulation with our distinctive rotational mechanics! Amazing! This qualifies Mr Crelinsten for the Kasai 4 event! Amazing win for the young man from Canada who travels so far to train and compete! and I are freaking out on the train and people are staring at us like we are total maniacs! So proud of these guys and their and individual brilliance showcasing our approach to jiu jitsu! Looking forward to seeing Jason Rau, Jon Calestine and Squad buddy from down under Craig Jones! Hope you are all enjoying the show as much as us!

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