Restricting options: The pattern of all good jiu jitsu is the same – JIU JITSU IS THE ART OF SYSTEMATICALLY AND PROGRESSIVELY RESTRICTING YOUR OPPONENT’S OPTIONS THROUGH TACTICS, GRIP AND POSITIONING. AS MORE AND MORE OPTIONS ARE ELIMINATED HIS MOVEMENTS BECOME MORE AND MORE AND IT BECOMES PROGRESSIVELY EASIER TO ANTICIPATE HIS REMAINING MOVES. THIS PROCESS CULMINATES IN SITUATIONS WHERE HE IS LEFT WITH JUST A FEW UNDESIRABLE OPTIONS OF LIMITED EFFECTIVENESS AT WHICH POINT YOU END THE MATCH. The moment you put hands on an opponent you should be thinking in terms of controlling him in ways that create predictable reactions. As control increases, his options with regards tactics and movement decrease until they reach a point where submission victory is inevitable. It is this ability to restrict options down to a few predictable responses that makes the use of SYSTEMS possible in jiu jitsu. Here you can see a superb use of aspects of the system – in particular the strait jacket system that enables Ethan Crelinsten to completely immobilize a very tough and talented Junny Acasio and leave him with so few movement/defensive options that the resultant submission win via strangle seemed easy. Note the excellent head position of Mr Crelinsten and the elimination of Mr Ocasio’s defensive arms and hands and the deliberate use of what most people call the “weak” side of rear mount – in fact both sides are only as strong or as your use and understanding of them. In this case the understanding is strong and thus so was the finish.