A force for good: I am always enthralled by of jiu jitsu being used as a force for good in our world. One of my favorite stories comes from my dear Claude Levy. He is a remarkable example of a student who has a very busy and demanding career (he is a very successful metals trader) yet who always finds time to work hard on his jiu jitsu skills. Mr Levy is also a lifetime practitioner of Muay Thai and Karate – a formidable combination with jiu jitsu. Raised in Africa, Mr Levy often returns home where he charitably trains an African anti poaching force who protect Africa’s big game animals from the constant threat of poachers. These brave men often get into running gun battles with the poachers. Of course most of their is centered around firearms, but they have found jiu jitsu to be an ideal method of restraining and physically perpetrators in the field during capture and arrest. Mr Levy teaches them whenever he can and the team loves it! Here you can see a security team going out on armed patrol in the magnificent African veldt at sundown. Next is Mr Levy coaching our back attack system (note the nice trap to facilitate strangle that you see the squad perform so often!) Here are some of the incredible elephants they protect on this particular area of operations along with basic ground training and team photo) It makes my heart swell with pride to see a take our teachings and for no reward help those who themselves do good in the protecting these great and majestic endangered animals from wanton destruction. I am always gratified to see jiu jitsu grow, but to see it grow in ways so beneficial to good people in need as an of brings a special joy in our sport and its growth.