The stunning power of jiu jitsu upon the uninitiated: In our daily training we work with people who are well initiated with the skills of jiu jitsu. As a result, almost every move we attempt is quickly and deftly countered. This makes it an endless struggle for improvement and innovation if we are to prevail in the training room. Sometimes we forget what it is like to use jiu jitsu on someone who has little or no of the kingly art. When it happens, it’s often a surprise just how easy it is to use the techniques and of jiu jitsu to completely and easily overwhelm naive opposition – so much so that jiu jitsu appears like some super power that renders even men helpless. I always smile when I think of my own days in the sport when I would flop around hopelessly while men half my size would easily trap me in holds that i had no idea where even happening, let how to escape them These expert versus neophyte displays are instructive to both – to the neophyte they teach what is possible with time and training and a sense of belief in what they will day be capable of. To the expert they are a pleasant reminder of just how effective the basic moves and concepts of the sport really (despite our everyday frustrations in the dojo) and a humbling reminder of where we began and what we would eventually devolve back into if we ceased training. Here, my student Claude Levy instructs members of a special anti poaching unit in Africa some jiu jitsu – they use it often, even though they usually use their firearms to deal with opponents armed with semi weapons and hunting rifles, during the arrest and restraining elements of their work they like to use jiu jitsu. Here, Mr Levy runs them through takedown to back control and demonstrates to an amused audience what we all felt on day of our jiu jitsu careers! Do you remember your first of jiu jitsu? What were your thoughts after sparring with a more experienced teacher/opponent?