Attacking the back – surrounding and immobilizing the head: There are many effective ways to control and attack from the back, but of the most important if your goal is is that of forming an effective circle of wedges around your opponents neck that inhibits movement and you to strangle at a moments notice. The fundamental desiderata in these cases is to ALWAYS MAINTAIN YOUR ON SIDE OF YOUR OPPONENTS AND YOUR STRANGLE ARM ON THE OTHER. This configuration must be locked in place by your CONTROL HAND which goes under your opponent’s armpit to either snare his wrist/hand or lock up with your strangle hand. The combination of tight head position on side, strangle arm on the other, all locked in place by the control hand makes for a superbly position from where escape is difficult, you are just inches away from a devastating strangle at any moment and from where it is easy to add additional lower body control by hooking your legs into your opponent’s hips or even locking a tight body triangle around his waist. Practicing this fundamental head and arm positioning as the basis of your back control leading to strangles will soon pay dividends in your submissions game.

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