Using your head: Most people know that jiu jitsu requires us to use all four of our limbs, both legs and both arms, with equal dexterity and skill in order to the and tactics of the sport. In order to go further than the others, you must the great importance of our fifth in grappling – our head/neck. We use our head physically in four main ways in jiu jitsu – PUSHING, PULLING, BLOCKING and WEDGING. The head is incredibly effective in all four roles and often proves to be the difference between a good application of a moves versus a great application of a move. Good head positioning and manipulation is one of the most important features of superior jiu jitsu athletes – you must make a serious study of it if you wish to reach your potential in the sport. There is a reason most good grapplers have a thick and powerful neck – IT’S BECAUSE THEY USE IT HEAVILY EVERY DAY THEY TRAIN. Whenever you feel you can use your head to advantage in grappling – do so – you will be pleasantly surprised how it raises your performance. Here, outstanding junior Ethan Crelinsten uses his head in an unusual fashion – most people erroneously believe the head can only be used to PUSH. In fact the chin can be used to pull – that is exactly what Mr Crelinsten is doing here, working to his head up into a better strangle position – clearly it worked well as a few seconds later he won this match via in fine style. Remember – you are engaged in a sport of FIVE LIMBS, not four – look to incorporate your head/neck more than ever into your game next time you step onto the mat.