Follow the journey: The most exciting times in your growth in martial arts are the early days of your development. Every lesson seems to offer insights, moves, tactics and strategy that changes your entire point of view. Garry Tonon is going through that phase now in MMA. Today he worked with British UFC middleweight standout Tom Breese @breesemma and @aidenleemma. I first met Mr Breese at Tristar gym in Montreal where he was working with my students Georges St-Pierre and Firas Zahabi. He was a brilliant boxer to merge this skill with wrestling and grappling – now he has his own gym in Birmingham England teaching MMA and our approach to grappling. It’s amazing to see his and development every time he visits. He continues his amazing in the UFC with another big bout coming up soon! It’s always great to see athletes trading knowledge in mutually beneficial ways – Mr Tonon helps Mr Breese with grappling and Mr Breese helps Mr Tonon with MMA. athletes have a tremendous amount to offer in the future. Following their journey as they towards their goals will help and inspire you as you progress towards your own goals. We are all beginners at something – it’s a phase that gives rise to much frustration and vexation- but one day you will see that it was those hard times that made you who you are in the sport. Always know that you are not alone in starting out – even the best grapplers as neophytes in the new sport of MMA and go through the whole beginner cycle a second time. Don’t get frustrated by measuring your only by results – measure by your personal growth and you will come to see this as the happiest time in your journey.