This ain’t his first rodeo: Check out my sensei, Renzo Gracie sleeping just before his most recent MMA match in @onechampionship in Philippines where he won via submission. Not many people can relax shortly before a main event fight – this photo was taken between Garry Tonon’s and Mr Gracie’s bout. So often you will see people expend vast amounts of energy unnecessarily before a fight. Energy is a precious resource – spend it as you ought to spend money – carefully and with an expectation of a return on your investment. Set a time for the beginning of your warm up and put whatever energy into it that feels right for you – but as much as possible, outside of your planned warm up, reduce energy expenditure through stress, worry and expectations to the greatest degree possible. Recognize that endless worry and physical tension won’t your performance. The only hard before the fight should be the planned and structured warm up – prior to that – relax as much as you can. Obviously this is an extreme example of this – but it’s something to build towards as you gain experience.