The inestimable Matt Serra: One of my most important mentors in my development was Matt Serra. He was an inspirational senpai to all of us on the mat. He is also one of the great characters of the old Renzo Gracie Academy. This guy can light up a room any time any place. This afternoon he came in to catch with the crew. Like all jiu jitsu players, there is nothing he likes more than a discussion of techniques. Here he is playing around and staying current with some X Guard entries into cross /inside heel hook finishes. His commentary while had us all in stitches. “What is this? Double trouble? DOUBLE TROUBLE? AM I NOW PART OF THE DEATH SQUAD!!!” with Matt Serra was always educational and tough – but the comedy afterwards always made our day and made it easy to come back tomorrow for more!! Here we are, Mr Serra, Garry Tonon and myself making work fun As much as we all love hard training – it’s a treasure to have personalities like this in the gym to keep it all fun!