Guillotine attacks: your opponent’s alignment and structure: A critical part of success in jiu jitsu is reducing your opponents strength by misaligning his spine. This is particularly important in guillotine attacks. If you can put your opponents and into an unnatural, misaligned position you will greatly degrade his ability to defend himself and prevent the strangle. In a well applied guillotine there is a concerted attempt to turn your opponents and neck into a structurally weak position. Here you can clearly see this in operation as Garry Tonon applies a devastating high elbow guillotine on Kim Terra, the very talented brother of Caio. You can clearly see the turning of the head into a forced and unnatural position that shuts down effective defense and greatly facilitates the strangle. This is achieved mostly by the interplay between your hips and the elbow of your arm – you can see this interplay very well here. Look to add this notion of into an unnatural position to improve your guillotine game – it’s not much fun to drill but the results will assuredly brings smile to your face! Keep working your front headlock/Guillotine game – it is a huge part of your submission potential in no gi grappling