Back system – two approaches to strangles: When it is time to attack strangles from the back, there are two main approaches. The first is the STRANGLE FIRST approach. Here the idea is to penetrate your opponents chin/neck with your strangle as soon as you get to the back and then subsequently get the usual control elements afterwards. The second approach is CONTROL FIRST. Here the idea is to stabilize and control the position first and then methodically for the strangle second (in our case, by using the system we are known for). If you wish to excel in back attacks it’s important that you excel in both. The great problem most people have when from the back is setting their strangle arm in place. You can either use speed to get it set, or control that pins your opponents defensive down so you can get your strangle arm set. When Georges St-Pierre fought Micheal Bisping he saw a fleeting opportunity and used the strangle-first speed based method to take the exposed neck and took a brilliant victory. Nonetheless, both are necessary for back strangulation mastery, so here he is today working his control based method with Nicky Ryan and Gordon Ryan – two masters of this approach. Remember – as a Jiu Jitsu athlete your strangle arm is your equivalent of a boxers knock out punch – take pride in your ability to use it in different ways to get the decisive win.