Multi tasking: As much as we value focus in jiu jitsu it should be quite clear to you that there is a strong demand in many situations in jiu jitsu for you to work on several different tasks at the same time if you are to be successful. In the case of the back position, you must be able at a minimum to satisfy the basic demand to maintain the overall position, while at the same time working diligently to actually attack. In practice, and especially when utilizing the back methodology that we employ, we have to simultaneously work to hold and also battle through our ’s hands to strangle attacks. As you gain in sophistication you will add more and more tasks into the equation – a battle for head position, for left vs right side etc etc. You must the skills of prioritizing the tasks ( generally takes priority) and of working in or more at the same time. Here, Georges St-Pierre does a fine job of working control of Ryan’s hips with his legs to stay aligned and keeping head on opposite side of his strangle arm to exert strong control from head to hips. While all this is going on he is engaged in a sharp fight with Mr Ryan. This is exactly the kind of practice you must engage in to this critical aspect of the sport. Multi tasking at the office is one thing – but doing it preserve yourself from a powerful strangle is quite another!