and level: In almost all combat sports there is a need to gain some sort of advantage prior to attack. Two of the best forms of advantage are ANGLE and LEVEL. Attacking from front on almost always gets you strongly countered, but if you can create angle and change levels in some way, you will often be able to successfully press home an attack. Normally level change refers to the of LOWERING ones level, but if you are flat on your in some form of guard position this is not possible – you are on the floor already. In these cases the level change goes in reverse – your hips RISE UP FROM THE FLOOR. When this is combined with angle – magic starts to happen and submission breakthroughs start happening much more often. Look at Nick Ryan getting both angle and level advantage as he works for upper body submissions from closed guard. The combination of the two creates tremendous wedging effects around the head and shoulders that makes it very difficult indeed for an opponent to pull free. yourself to constantly look for and level advantage wherever you are – whenever you attain them you will be considerably more to your opponents